We offer specialist services for scheduled production stops as well as on site emergency maintenance.

Densiq’s new service team performs qualified service in maintenance technology – from analysis and suggestions for preventative measures to service work during production and participation during maintenance stops.

On-call service team: +46 (0) 772- 25 25 44

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Leak sealing during operation

Leak sealing during operation involves sealing leaks without having to stop production, which means major savings for industries.

Mobile machining

Mobile machining means that machine parts and sealing surfaces can be machined to workshop tolerance on site.

HPCR (High Pressure Composite Repair)

HPCR involves providing the weakest part of the pipe with a special fabric impregnated with a compound which is activated with water prior to hardening.

Valve testing Online

Online valve testing is a fast, secure and cost-effective way of testing safety valves in order to evaluate the function of existing valves. Online valve testing takes place on site and during operation, which means that the valves are tested under their correct operating conditions.

Valve logistics

DESNIQ is able to provide spare parts and gaskets and offer fixed prices for your safety valves during maintenance shutdowns. We are responsible for ensuring that products and services supplied meet agreed quality requirements.

Rotating equipment

Thanks to its extensive experience, Densiq has a broad knowledge of how to install stuffing box packings to ensure that the expected performance is achieved.


Hydraulic bolt pretensioning is a way of ensuring that the bolts in a bolted joint are tightened correctly and evenly. This is a requirement if the bolted joint is to function optimally.


Cost-saving We use documented technology, well trained engineers and modern equipment for retubing and plugging of condensers, heat exchangers and coolers.