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  • Grafex GTL is changing its name to DENSIQ EcoLube!

Grafex GTL is changing its name to DENSIQ EcoLube!

Our graphite based lubricant, Grafex GTL, is now changing its name to DENSIQ EcoLube. With the same fantastic properties and content, it is only the name that has changed.

The very high purity of the graphite (99.5%), the low friction and the anti-corrosion properties contribute, exactly as before, to an ideal product in demanding industrial operating environments.

DENSIQ EcoLube graphite paste is a lubricant manufactured from graphite flakes with very high purity combined with a petroleum-based carrier. DENSIQ EcoLube has controlled and uniform lubricating properties when tensioning bolted joints. This even applies after many years in harsh outdoor environments and at very high operating temperatures, thus fully outperforming conventional lubricants. DENSIQ EcoLube is available in 210 ml tubes.

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