Soft gaskets

DENSIQ supplies a complete range of soft gaskets to all types of industry, everything from advanced applications, such as heat exchangers, turbines and enamelled vessels to standardised pipe flanges. The range includes rubber-bonded fibres, expanded graphite and PTFE.

  • Rubber-bonded fibre
    Dixo 5000 for general applications at low temperatures.
    Dixo 501 - environmentally friendly fiber gasket, chemically stable, high pressure resistant and medium to high temperature range. Meets ISO 28091-2 and BS 7531 Grade X
    Dixo 6000 for applications with low bolt forces, a fibre material that solves problems.
    Dixo 7000 with added graphite for higher temperatures.
  • Expanded graphite
    DENSIQ graphite gaskets can be supplied with various inserts.
    Grafex EXP
    Grafex EX
    Grafex SA²
    Grafex GF2 - reinforced double steel graphite gasket for high durability

    DENSIQ also supplies pure graphite in various grades.

    Grafex IQ – Industrial grade
    Grafex NQ – Nuclear power grade
    Grafex HT – For high temperature applications
  • PTFE
    Filled for general applications with aggressive media.
    Restructured, where a better mechanical stability is to be preferred in the PTFE material.
    Expanded PTFE, both monoaxial and multiaxial expanded PTFE.
Soft gaskets
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