Stuffing box packings

DENSIQ supplies a complete range of stuffing box packings to all types of industry and to industrial applications such as, for example, valves, agitators and pumps. A stuffed box packing is built up from braided fibres, of various designs and component materials, to suit various applications.

DENSIQ's comprehensive range of stuffing box packings consists of different materials.

  • Carbon fibre
    For high temperatures, abrasive applications typical for paper mills.
    (Garlock 98, Carboflon 350, Specma 101)
  • Expanded graphite
    For high temperatures and applications where the sealing requirements are high. Best used in combination with carbon fibre products.
    (Grafex 100)
  • PTFE
    For applications with requirements for high chemical resistance as well as for applications with foodstuffs. Best used as braid on the box bottom.
    (Chempac 2006 Hard, Chempac Soft FDA)
  • PTFE Graphite-filled
    Universal packing for pumps, withstands aggressive media.
    (Specma 99, Chempac 2003)
  • Fibre
    Glass, polyethene and acrylic fibres, universal packings for various uses.
    (Wearpac, Bluepac, Chempac White 1404)
Stuffing box packings
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