DENSIQ offers total solutions, from design, new installation, inspection to replacement of components. We consider proposals for improvement measures to be an ever present and natural part of our commitment.

  • Analysis
    ✓ Requesting object list and timetable from customers
    ✓ Review of drawings, technical documentation, historical operating data
    ✓ Where needed, measurement of the thickness of flue ducts
    ✓ Measurement and check against drawings
    ✓ Check of physical components with respect to specification
    ✓ Installation in line with the ESA Installation Guide (European Sealing Association, Fabric Expansion Joints)
    ✓ Preparation of proposals for action plan, long and short term
  • Installation
    ✓ Turnkey new installation
    ✓ Repair and jointing onsite
    ✓ Tailor-made design for individual adaptation
    ✓ Inspection and proposals for improvement measures
    ✓ Expansion joints for operating temperatures up to +1100°C
    ✓ Total commitment with product and field service
    ✓ On-call 24/7

  • Documentation
    ✓ Inspection report
    ✓ Photo documentation
    ✓ Risk analysis
    ✓ Action plan, long and short term
    ✓ If needed, lifting plan
    ✓ Assessment of thickness for affected flue ducts, if needed
    ✓ Welding certificate, if needed

For reasons of quality and safety, all sealing work is performed by certified technicians.

  • How can we help you?

    If you send us a message, we will be happy to answer your questions.